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Multi Spectral Demosaicing algorithms

version (1.65 MB) by Hemant Kumar Aggarwal
Implementation of two multispectral demosaicing algorithms.


Updated 07 Jan 2014

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We have implemented following multispectral demosaicing algorithm (named BTES) and compared it with our proposed method named (LMSD).

"Binary tree-based generic demosaicking algorithm for multispectral filter arrays by Miao, Lidan and Qi, Hairong and Ramanath, Rajeev and Snyder, Wesley E in Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on, 15(11), pp 3550--3558,2006"

We did implementation for 3 to 6 band multispectral images as well as RGB color images.

Both algorithms are based on single-sensor architecture.
Since for multispectral imaging there is no popular filter array similar to Bayer filter so both of these algorithms have different multi-spectral filter arrays as well.

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Code is now more organized and readable.
Implementation for six band multispectral images is also included.

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