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Coupling Matrix Optimizer

version (299 KB) by Carlos Carceller
Visualize and optimize the response of a filter coupling matrix.


Updated 12 May 2017

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Coupling Matrix Optimizer is a simple, but powerful, GUI that allows microwave filter designers to optimize coupling matrices (which represent coupled-resonator filters). It is especially indicated to obtain coupling schemes for which no formal synthesis procedure exist, as well as extract an equivalent network representation from the EM simulation of a filtering structure.
Define the number of nodes in the CM, filter center frequency and bandwidth. Then, choose the cells of the matrix that you want to optimize by simply clicking on them. Set the goals for your filter and any equality that you wish to enforce. Finally, let Matlab's optimization toolbox adjust the coupling matrix until it provides the result you desire.
Networks with multiple ports (including multiplexers) and/or non-resonating nodes (NRN) are supported.
Several examples are included as references.

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Cloud Hz

Try this: It includes both synthesis and matrix extraction.


Son Do

You may have make a video tutorial to use ?

Junyi Huang


New features:
- Visualize and optimize magnitude, phase and group delay
- Fine-tune specific CM values with slider
- Change options of optimization method
- Set validity of goals in a specific frequency range
- Display the node scheme

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014a
Compatible with any release
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