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Modified Cholesky factorization

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Updated 09 Dec 2015

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modified-cholesky contains MATLAB functions that compute a modified Cholesky factorization of a symmetric and possibly indefinite matrix. The algorithm is from
S. H. Cheng and N.J. Higham. "A modified Cholesky algorithm based on a symmetric indefinite factorization". SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 19(4):1097-1110, 1998.

and uses LDL^T factorization with a symmetric form of rook pivoting proposed by Ashcraft, Grimes, and Lewis. The functions here are based on code originally written by Bobby Cheng and Nick Higham in 1996.

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Nick Higham (2020). higham/modified-cholesky (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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As a rectification on my last review, I was wrong, the original matrix is constructed as (P'LDMCL'P) not as (P'LDL'P) and the software works fine

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