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Easy Bandpass Filter

version (2.26 KB) by Wonsang You
Simplified band-pass filtering without external toolboxes.


Updated 14 Jul 2016

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It performs band-pass filtering of a time series with the rectangle window in frequency domain, "without external toolboxes". An example code is given as follows to filter a time series in the pass band of 200~300 Hz:
Fs = 1000;
t = linspace(0,1,Fs);
x = cos(2*pi*100*t)+0.5*randn(size(t));
y = bpfilt(x,200,300,1000);

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Wonsang You (2021). Easy Bandpass Filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Alexander S

This is technically speaking not a filter but a frequency selector in the fourier domain.

Because information is lost during transform i would not recommend using this as a filter. It is good for generating a signal with a certain spectral characteristic.

Ngoc Minh Tran

Ho Ha

Achilleas Vortselas

The amplitude changes because the spectrum calculation divides by N. Change the code to multiply the output signal by N to get the correct result.


why the amplitude change so much?

Taylor Stone

Sowjanya Mattaparthi

Sowjanya Mattaparthi



Jing Sun

why the amplitude change so much?


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