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Create tables of thermophysical properties for gases


Updated 06 Apr 2020

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Downloads data tables from the NIST Chemistry Webbook ( for a specified temperature and/or pressure range. The tables are useful for plotting or for data lookup by interpolation.

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Are Mjaavatten (2020). nistdata(species,T,p) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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You are absolutely right, Alexandra. At some point I changed the unit read from NIST from micro Pa/s to Pa/s, but kept the old conversion factor. I seldom use transport properties, so this blatant error passed under the radar. Thank you for pointing this out. The new version (1.4) should be correct.

I think your unit conversions are incorrect. I am getting a viscosity on the order of 1e-11 Pa-s

Thanks to Martijn van Heumen for his constructive comment. The code has been updated accordingly in version 1.3.

Thank you!
The file did not work for me under R2018b. After replacing txt = webread(url); by options = weboptions('RequestMethod','get','ArrayFormat','csv','ContentType','text'); txt = webread(url,options); it works perfectly.


Corrected serious unit conversion error in viscosity.

Corrected code for downloading data, according to the comment by Martijn van Heumen.

For Matlab versions older that R2017b, I now use Python (2.7 or 3.x) as a workaround to read the secure (https) web pages from NIST. See the readme.txt file for details. I welcome feedback on how this works for you!

nistdata ceased to work after NIST upgraded to the https protocol. I have updated the file so that it will hopefully work in Matlab 2017b and later, but my Matlab licence is too old to test this.

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