Crop padding and resize images

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Easy to use function for cropping padding and resizing of RGB/grayscale images.
Updated 16 Oct 2018

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I've made this cropping/resizing function because the other functions available here on File Exchange did not work for me 100% of the time. This function is easy to use and crops the image based on the RGB/Grayscale value of the padding.

>> Required input arguments <<
The name of your image ('C:\Users\John\test-image.jpg' ; 'test-image.jpg'). This file wil be overwritten with the cropped image.
The position of the padding on the image, specified by 'T' (TOP), 'B' (BOTTOM), 'L' (LEFT) or 'R' (RIGHT). If the padding is on multiple sides of the images, just pick one of the characters T, B, L or R. This argument is necessary to automatically determine the padding colour.

>> Optional input argument <<
Resize the image to the specified width. For example, using the value 1080 will resize the image (after cropping) to X-by-1080 pixels.

>> Output argument <<
- IM
The output image after cropping/resizing.

>> Examples <<

% Crop image
IM = CropAndResize('test-image.jpg','T');

% Crop and resize image to X-by-1080 pixels
IM = CropAndResize('test-image.jpg','T',1080);

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Yves Terzibasiyan (2018). Cropping and resizing images with the CropAndResize function (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved October 14, 2018.

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