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version 1.0.9 (6.3 KB) by Raphael Guzman
Semantic version comparison m-function. Matlab function that will compare a cell array of values to a reference version (default: greater th


Updated 13 Oct 2020

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compareVersions - Semantic version comparison (default: greater than or equal)

This function compares an array of semantic versions against a reference version.


res = COMPAREVERSIONS(verArray, verComp, verCheck)
verArray: Cell array with the following conditions:
- be of length >= 1,
- contain only string elements, and
- each element must be of length >= 1.
verComp: String or Char array that verArray will compare against for
greater than evaluation. Must be:
- be of length >= 1, and
- a string.
verCheck: (Optional) Function handle for comparison with the following conditions:
- Must be of the form @(x,y)
- In an element of verArray, x represents a float for the part to compare
- In verComp, y represents a float for the part to compare
- Default is greater than or equal to i.e. @(x,y) x >= y
res: Logical array that identifies if each cell element in verArray
satisfies verCheck.
Tests included for reference. From root package directory,
use commands:
suite = TestSuite.fromFolder(pwd, 'IncludingSubfolders', true);

output = compareVersions({'3.2.4beta','','8.0'}, '8.0.0'); %logical([0 1 1])
output = compareVersions({'3.2.4beta','','8.0'}, '8.0.0', @(x,y) x<y); %logical([1 0 0])
compareVersion_v = compareVersions('version'); %'1.0.9'

Tested: Matlab (R2016b) Linux
Author: Raphael Guzman, DataJoint

$License: MIT (use/copy/change/redistribute on own risk) $
$File: compareVersions.m $
001: 2019-06-12 11:00, First version.

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Raphael Guzman (2021). compareVersions (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Raphael Guzman

Hello this is a test comment.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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