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Simple Quaternion and 3D Rotation function library

version 1.0.1 (17.1 KB) by fhz
Library of functions for the quaternion algebra and the rotation matrices.


Updated 15 Jun 2019

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This simple library implements the quaternion algebra in Matlab using the isomorphism between quaternions and R^4.
It also implements the rotation matrices for many combinations of Euler angles and the Rodrigues' Formula and the quaternion version.
This library also contains a 3D Visualization tool.

Summarized description functions:
The sum and subtraction is normally performed by Matlab as R^4 vectors.
division on the left
division on the right
absolute value
plot of coordinates in 3D
product with dot and cross commands
matrix isomorphism 1
matrix isomorphism 2
to string
Rxyz -- and others combinations of Euler Angles.
Time derivative of Rxyz
Rot Rodrigues

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fhz (2020). Simple Quaternion and 3D Rotation function library (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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