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version 0.0.1 (1.17 KB) by Hiran
Too simple git wrapper makes it possible to call git as if it is a MATLAB command (given you have installed git and added to system path).


Updated 11 Jan 2020

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Too simple git wrapper combines all string arguments, decorates with spaces, appends 'git' and executes the result using MATLAB's system() command. That's it, and nothing else!

This tool is made for simple, quick and dirty git usage through MATLAB command prompt. Nothing beyond that is promised.

If you need more functionality, check out this link:

Usage examples:
git --version
git init awesome_project
git pull
git commit -m 'awesome message'
git push

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Hiran (2021). git (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Frank Lee


Josh Philipson

Good idea

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