Voronoi Label N dimensions

Tool for drawing an N-D Voronoi label matrix given a set of centroids.
Updated 15 Sep 2021

Voronoi Label N

Tool for drawing a Voronoi label matrix given a set of centroids. Creates an N-D Voronoi diagram label matrix from input centroid coordinates. May be used directly on pixel coordinate centroids, or used on arbitrary numeric coordinate centroids with args 2-4.

Two methods are available:

  1. "coordinates" - uses a compute- and memory-intensive direct computation of nearest centroid to each element. Labels all elements, biased towards smaller valued labels when there is a tie. Complexity is O(M*N*P) where M is the number of centroids, N is the number of dimensions, P is the number of elements in the output image. Suitable if Image Processing Toolbox is not available.
  2. "watershed" - uses a faster, less-memory-intensive computation using optimized image processing algorithms bwdist() and watershed(). Prefer this method if Image Processing Toolbox is available, it is about twice as fast.


  1. Pixel coordinates, call with 1st arg only, or with 1st and 5th (args 2-4 empty arrays).
  2. Arbitrary coordinates, call with 2nd arg to give shape, 3rd to give origin and 4th to scale pixels/voxels.
% direct
labels = voronoi_labeln(centroids) % implied shape
labels = voronoi_labeln(centroids, shape) % explicit shape
labels = voronoi_labeln(centroids, shape, [], px_len) % scale
labels = voronoi_labeln(centroids, shape, origin, []) % translate
labels = voronoi_labeln(centroids, shape, origin, px_len) % both

% watershed
labels = voronoi_labels(centroids, [], [], [], "watershed")
labels = voronoi_labels(centroids, shape, [], [], "watershed")
% ... etc.

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William Warriner (2024). Voronoi Label N dimensions (https://github.com/wwarriner/matlab_voronoi_labeln), GitHub. Retrieved .

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Watershed now behaves identically to direct compute, and about twice as fast.

Added sample labelvolshow() image.


To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.