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Plot signal fft norm and phase versus frequency and signal versus time. Several options allows to customize the display

Fit polynomial p to data, but match exactly at one or more points

Here's a code to plot the characteristic IV curve of PV.

A useful adaptive signal processing tool for multi-component signal separation, non-stationary signal processing.

By Fernando Zigunov, 2019 [U, S, V] = POD(X) returns the proper orthogonal decomposition

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on images in MATLAB (GUI)

Convert a triangulated mesh into a voxel volume

Interactive app to study a given first order ODE

point to line distance


by Rik

calculate the distance between a 2D or 3D line and one or more points

Feature level fusion using Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA)

The function MVMD applies the Multivariate Variational Mode Decomposition (MVMD) algorithm to multivariate or multichannel data.

This repository is for MATLAB code for balancing of multiclass data by SMOTE

tries k-means over different number of clusters

Let you evaluate the image segmentation quality scores, such TP, FP, TN, FN, Accuracy, Sensitivity, Precision, MCC, Dice, Jaccard

Make A Song


by Yi-Wen Chen

Using Fundamental Frequency to play twinkle twinkle little star

Set the range of radii, density, and other parameters to create a plot that draws randomly centered circles with or without overlap.



by Yi-Wen Chen

Plot Audio Wave

The Kuramoto model is a nonlinear dynamic system of coupled oscillators that initially have random natural frequencies and phases.

Converts KML or KMZ files to a Matlab structure.

Feature fusion using Discriminant Correlation Analysis (DCA)

Efficiently performs separable operations (e.g., sum, mean,prod, min, max,...) on array sub-blocks

Elastic plastic model in 3D problems

Draw multiple boundaries of segmented results on the original image



by Adam Danz

Quickly increase/decrease the font size of all text in a figure by a chosen factor.

Retrieves bathymetry data from the GEBCO NetCDF file

Computes sunrise and sunset times from any geographical location on Earth.

Aydemir, O. A New Performance Evaluation Metric for Classifiers: Polygon Area Metric. J Classif (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00357-020-0

Plays an audio signal using the built-in audioplayer object.

Computes integration of discrete time-signal in frequency domain

Simulates a Simulink model a number of times and records/plots the execution time.

The classic dual n-back task implemented in Matlab; includes position, sound, and color options.

This function plots a workspace for a planar n-DOF revolute or prismatic given DH parameters and the constraints of all variables.

Read compressed or uncompressed monochrome NorPix image sequence in MATLAB. This script can read all frames or a set reading window.

Arranging the following blocktype (inports, outports ,from-goto blocks , terminator) connected to Subsystem.

Create tables of thermophysical properties for gases

vecrast is a function that allows to save a figure with mixed vector and raster content

MSEED vectorised reading routine

This function sends messages to emails and/or cell phones (from a Gmail account)

Get elevations from Google Maps (Google API key required) from latitute and longitude, coordinates input (UTM)

Export the current MATLAB figure to a PDF file.


version 4.0

by Allen

Creates draggable data tips with custom labeling options on most 2-D plots. Custom labels options can also be applied to standard data tips.

When analyzing very high-dimensional data, this implementation of Principal Component Analysis is much faster than MATLAB's pca.m.



by Matt J

Constrained minimum L1 norm solution of linear equations C*x=d


version 1.0.0

by Rik

Create a Bland-Altman plot and return a struct with results and handles.

A solution to the problem of Matlab consuming an enormous amount of time to recover from an "Undefined function or variable" error.

Updated iges2maltab function (previously published by Per Bergström): addition of new entity types.

Generates global stiffness matrix from elements stiffness matrices in a fast way

A MATLAB game simulating a spaceship landing on the moon.

Convert numbers to engineering notation strings, or optionally using SI-prefixes instead

Dynamic Analysis: Total response of a damped system

Computes derivative of discrete time-signal in frequency domain

all combinations of the elements of a set



by Jos (10584)

all combinations of two elements

Draws an EPANET network in a new MATLAB figure using geographic axes and satellite maps.


version 1.0.1

by Kim Dohyun

Color quiver based on magnitude or angle. Also, support uniform sampling by averaging or taking the fastest velocity within each grid cell.

returns a Shakespearian insult

Computes the friction factor in pipes for given values of the Reynolds number (Re) and the relative roughness coefficient (epsilon).

function runs paint

This matlab function scrambles the input image matrix with N by N mosaics.

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