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S. Walter

Reaction Systems, Inc.

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Aerospace engineer focused on propulsion research and development. Background in fluid dynamics, inlet design, turbomachinery.


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How I can extract certain range of value from workspace?
You have a matrix A: A = rand(100,100); You want only the 5th through the 10th elements, you can do that using the colon opera...

11 months ago | 0

Else if statement imbedded in a for loop
If you want your for loop to pick only one item from the Tp vector, you have to iterate Tp inside your for loop. Thus: if Tp<=...

11 months ago | 0

How to save each image generated in a for loop?
You can print the image: print('filename','-dpng','-r300') where '-dpng' can be set to whatever format you want (check out the...

11 months ago | 0

Last else if graph not plotting
I tried the following: % Clear the command window and close the figures clc close all % Make a color vector for plots col...

11 months ago | 1

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create a 2-column matrix, random set of weight
To answer your questions: Did you create the column-matrix correctly? Sure. It works :). There are many ways to create matric...

12 months ago | 1

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plotting an matrix on top of an image
You can plot your image , set your hold to on ( and then plot your 10 x 10 m...

1 year ago | 0

I need correct syntax of interpolation in this case
Behzad, Check out griddedInterpolant ( You'll want to ma...

1 year ago | 1

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understanding the meaning of a part of a code
Mohammed, What you wrote there is a function that you're storing in zci. The at sign (@) tells Matlab you're about to give a ...

1 year ago | 1

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