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Chinese characters in html not recognized
opt = weboptions('CharacterEncoding', 'GBK'); str = webread(url, opt);

8 months ago | 0

Why am I not able to use the installed help documentation properly after update in MATLAB 9.6 (R2019a)?
This error is encountered if you add paths to MATLAB that contains a “html” folder, e.g., a third-party toolbox. MATLAB then see...

8 months ago | 0

Message Service fatally disconnected
Got this error also and (local) help-pages stoped working. Not even reinstallation of MATLAB (R2020a, Win 10) helped to resolve ...

11 months ago | 0

How to restore file association in Matlab 2015a for Windows
I’ve just submitted a contribution to MATLAB FEX that can solve this problem for R2015a (and earlier versions): <http://www.mat...

6 years ago | 11

| accepted