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How to generate a user-defined pulse input from excel at simulink stateflow
You can take a signal builder block and import the excel file into the signal builder from its options. Your pulse input to be ...

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find the entries in a set of elements
A = [35,46, 78, 23, 5, 16, 81, 3, 35]; a = A(7); % to find the seventh entry of A b = sum(A([3 5])); % to find the sum of thir...

2 years ago | 0

[Maximum Timing for Simulation]
I'm not sure about the maximum time that you can specify for a model. However If you want to run the model continuously until y...

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Extraction of individual matrix from cell array
After loading the mat file,I guess you would probably wanna do this. for i=1:numel(Microtrips),eval(['MT' num2str(x) ' = Mic...

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