MATLAB Report Generator

Key Features

  • Automated reporting from MATLAB®
  • PDF, Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, and HTML formats
  • Templates for programmatic and forms-based reporting
  • Selective report generation via logical control-flow, such as IF, THEN, ELSE, and WHILE

Example of a richly formatted report. You can control layout with Word or HTML and control data with MATLAB.

Programmatic Reporting of MATLAB Applications

You can share the results of running your MATLAB applications by building report programs that produce highly customized reports. With this programmatic approach, you use the Report API and the Document Object Model (DOM) API to create MATLAB code that formats the results of running your application and adds those results to a report document.

The Report API includes a set of report objects to create pre-formatted report modules including a title page, table of contents, and chapters. You then use the DOM API to customize, create, and assemble the report content.

Scripts and functions generate reports for your MATLAB applications.

Formatting Reports Based on PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML Templates

You can use PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML templates to define the format and layout of reports that MATLAB Report Generator produces. The templates specify regions of fixed text and leave blank regions (also called holes) for generated content. Using this forms-based approach, MATLAB Report Generator™ can fill in the blanks with content generated from MATLAB using the Report API and DOM API.

By creating custom templates, you can tailor the report to meet specific formatting requirements, such as adding logos and footnotes, changing page orientation, and defining specific font types and sizes for table headings. You have a high degree of control over the layout and formatting of the report, and you can specify exactly where your analysis data, figures, MATLAB code, or other results should appear in the report.

Designing the layout and format of reports using templates for Microsoft Word or HTML, with content generated from MATLAB.

Creating Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can update and create PowerPoint presentations programmatically using the MATLAB API for PowerPoint (PPT API). You can either replace content or add content to an existing PowerPoint presentation, or you can generate a completely new PowerPoint presentation. You can use the default template that comes with the PPT API or use a custom PowerPoint template.

Script that uses the MATLAB API for PowerPoint to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Dynamic Reporting

MATLAB Report Generator enables you to run MATLAB applications and document the results as they are created. You can also run scripts in MATLAB to preprocess data for your programs or postprocess data from a simulation and display the results as graphical plots or numerical values.

Script that uses the MATLAB API to generate dynamic reports based on numerical values.