Campus-Wide MATLAB Training


Online MATLAB Courses for Everyone on Campus

Prepare students for their classes and careers by teaching critical computational software skills. With campus-wide access to online courses, students learn the essential MATLAB skills they can take to graduation and beyond.

This offering is available for schools with a Campus-Wide License.

Why Campus-Wide Online Training?

Equip all students with computational software skills for the classroom, for research, and for their careers.


Instructor and Researcher Benefits:

  • Instructors can bring industry-standard tools to the classroom with the help of courses designed by experts.
  • Instructors can focus on teaching the subject matter, rather than the software.
  • Online courses ensure everyone begins class with the same level of MATLAB knowledge.
  • In-depth courses teach skills that can help give new researchers a head start.



Student Benefits:

  • Introductory and in-depth tutorials prepare students for their classes.  
  • Hands-on problems and examples teach students interactively.
  • Contextual feedback guides students through courses, so they don’t get stuck.
  • Shareable course certificates let students show professors or highlight resumes.

“Taking time away to teach a software tool is difficult. That’s why the MATLAB online training and the tutorials are perfect for us; they enable students to learn essential skills outside of class.“

Prof. Biscari, Politecnico di Milano
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University College London

“One advantage of teaching with MATLAB is that our students are exposed to a tool that is used in the commercial world. The quality of the learning materials delivered online and onsite was excellent, enabling me to focus on teaching analytics and working with students.”

Daniel Hulme, University College London
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Politecnico di Milano

“At Politecnico di Milano, MATLAB is probably the most used software across different disciplines. We have the highest number of active users and enrollments worldwide for MATLAB online training, which shows that our students recognize the value of learning MATLAB for their research and professions.”

Prof. Paolo Biscari, Politecnico di Milano


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