Toolbox that enables live connection between MATLAB and SolidWorks


  • Access SolidWorks ® data as MATLAB ® variables
  • See CAD model changes immediately reflected in MATLAB
  • Use workspace variables in Simulink ® and Stateflow ®
  • Write SolidWorks script in MATLAB code


CADLab is a MATLAB based toolbox that creates a live connection between MATLAB and SolidWorks. It enables MATLAB users to access important SolidWorks part, assembly, or drawing data as MATLAB variables. MATLAB users can also change data inside SolidWorks directly from the MATLAB workspace. Using standard APIs and COM interfaces, the CADLab live connection ensures seamless data exchange between the two environments, so all the information is immediately updated and always stays current. It allows the same users to design and simulate, thereby reducing time to develop and increasing productivity.

CADLab users can:

  • See CAD model changes immediately reflected in MATLAB.
  • Access CAD data such as mass, inertia tensor, volume, and surface area as MATLAB variables. These workspace variables can be used in Simulink and Stateflow.
  • Write SolidWorks scripts using MATLAB code.
  • Perform part modeling actions such as extrudes, cuts, and revolves using data in MATLAB. For example, based on analysis done in MATLAB, users can change a part dimension to optimize a design.
  • Use SolidWorks Simulation from MATLAB to perform FEA analysis and get relevant FEA data in MATLAB workspace.
  • Use SolidWorks Assembly mates as constraints for mechanism simulation from MATLAB.

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