Combustion Analysis System (CAS)

Data acquisition system designed for internal combustion engines


  • Monitors combustion activities of internal combustion engines
  • Performs combustion analysis calculations
  • Provides information to the test-cell controlling software
  • Logs combustion activities and calculated values
  • Provides postprocessing of logged data
  • Graphically presents data and combustion activities


A&D’s Combustion Analysis Systems are high-performance data acquisition systems designed specifically for combustion analysis of two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines. CAS software, together with A&D’s new portable low-cost Phoenix hardware or the traditional Redline CAS hardware, offers ultra-high-speed data acquisition and real-time processing. CAS digitizes pressure signals from piezoelectric in-cylinder transducers and synchronizes the data with a crankshaft-mounted encoder or a conditioned crank angle position sensor. These signals are used to calculate more than 1,500 combustion parameters for each engine cycle. Combustion data can be transmitted to a test bed automation system via ASAP3 or Winsocket interfaces for closed-loop control.

Typical users include diesel and gasoline engine designers and manufacturers, engine component suppliers, and emissions testing and certification systems. End users include North American automotive OEMs and diesel engine OEMs, contract engine developers and testing laboratories, as well as small and specialty engine suppliers worldwide. User-specific calculations can be implemented in MATLAB® then compiled to a COM object and registered in the CAS software, allowing MATLAB to process raw data. The MATLAB results can be sent to the CAS software for online display while the system is acquiring data and performing other real-time calculations. Recorded data is available in the .mat format for posttest analysis using MATLAB.

CAS can be used in conjunction with A&D's ORION automated engine mapping and optimization package, which uses DoEs to quickly and efficiently map an engine calibration. The system provides ORION with feedback of engine combustion metrics to protect the engine from potentially damaging operating conditions such as excessive knock.

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