Rapid controls development system


  • Simpler, faster development
  • Better testing using real production ECM hardware
  • Quick development and enhancement of software features in Simulink ®
  • Analysis and control of real-time OS from Simulink/Stateflow ®
  • Direct access to the production controller’s I/O from Simulink
  • Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models


MotoHawk® is a rapid controls system development tool that allows controls engineers to quickly create controls software within Simulink diagrams, which run on any MotoHawk enabled electronic control modules. Successfully used in thousands of production applications, MotoHawk supports control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. It allows a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations.

The MotoHawk Advantage
MotoHawk is a powerful development and prototyping system for Simulink/Stateflow users. Control models prototyped with MotoHawk move seamlessly from development into production.


  • Auto-code generation of Simulink/Stateflow models using Embedded Coder®/Stateflow Coder
  • Rugged controllers for prototyping and production
  • ControlCore enabled software
  • Off-the-shelf engine control libraries
  • Calibration using MotoTune® or open-protocol tools (CCP/XCP)
  • Responsive engineering and support services for a wide range of applications
  • Electronic control modules available for development, fleet, and production

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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Embedded Software - Tools, IDE, RTOS


  • Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Gasoline Engine and Transmission Control


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Rail, Ships, and Other Transportation