OPTIMUS for MATLAB & Simulink

Process integration and parametric optimization technologies


  • Intuitive multidisciplinary workflow process integration
  • Workflow execution without user intervention
  • Fast evaluation of design alternatives
  • Efficient search for optimal design
  • Real tradeoff analysis between multiple objectives
  • Ability to manage impact of parameter variability and minimize warranty risks


OPTIMUS for MATLAB & Simulink is a multidisciplinary platform that leverages users' current CAD/CAE process. OPTIMUS for MATLAB & Simulink automates simulation tasks across multiple engineering disciplines and helps users explore the design space using Design of Experiments (DOE) and response surface modeling (RSM) techniques. The Optimization and Design-For-Six-Sigma methods allow users to hunt for the best performing, safest, and most reliable designs at a fraction of the time and cost previously possible.

OPTIMUS for MATLAB & Simulink automates the use of MATLAB® and Simulink® as components of an OPTIMUS workflow. It allows users to automatically generate all necessary OPTIMUS workflow components, to apply parametric changes in MATLAB code files, execute them, and retrieve the desired results to be used in a multi-disciplinary DOE, optimization or robust design workflow.

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics


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