Optical fiber amplifier and laser design software


  • Comprehensive software tool for the design of erbium doped amplifiers and lasers
  • Extensive library of active and passive components
  • Advanced models to simulate Raman and hybrid Raman/EDFA amplifiers
  • Built-in components and parameters
  • Automatic parameter scanning and optimization


OptiAmplifier is an optical amplifier and laser design software, developed to address all aspects of EDFA/Raman amplifier engineering. These tasks range from optimization of the associated optical components to estimation of system link budgets and power penalties. The software applications include single- and multi-stage amplifiers for single-channel or WDM networks; reflective, split-band, bi-directional and gain-clamped amplifiers; ring and linear fiber lasers; Raman and Hybrid/EDFA amplifiers; and broadband sources. OptiAmplifier is fully compatible with Optiwave's award winning system design tool, OptiSystem.

The adjustable functionality enables a variety of users such as optical component and gain block manufacturers, WDM and CATV system designers, and network operators and researchers to significantly accelerate their design processes. OptiAmplifier contains a MATLAB component that enables the user to incorporate new components or models into the software.

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