Design and analysis of mixed-technology and mixed-signal systems


  • Production proven mixed-technology, mixed-signal simulation engine
  • Easy-to-use tools for design entry, simulation, and post processing
  • Flexible modeling language support: MAST, VHDL-AMS, SPICE, etc.
  • Powerful tools for automated multi-lingual model generation
  • Advanced analysis capabilities: Stress, Sensitivity, Statistical, FMEA
  • Large library of industry-proven simulation models


Saber® is a multi-technology, mixed-signal simulation environment well-suited for designing and analyzing complex mechatronic systems. The Saber environment is routinely used for system design and analysis in the automotive, aerospace and power industries. Users can create designs, generate simulation models, analyze system performance, review performance sensitivities, study component stresses, and investigate failure modes. Applications where Saber is successfully used include in-vehicle networking, ground-based and airborne x-by-wire control, power net management, and engine regulation.

The Saber environment's integration with The MathWorks tools includes a cosimulation interface with the Simulink environment. This interface allows hardware and software design teams to work in parallel on the same project, thereby increasing design throughput and efficiency. Simulink is used to design the system control algorithms, while Saber is used to design the system hardware. The link between the two simulators is represented by a symbol in each environment's design editor. Saber is the master simulator and controls the entire cosimulation process. The cosimulation interface is automatically started when the Saber simulator is invoked. When the simulation is complete, signals from the Saber side can be analyzed in the Saber environment, and signals from the Simulink side can be analyzed in the Simulink environment. The Saber Link program from Synopsys® can be used to transfer simulation data between Saber and Simulink, allowing results to be analyzed in a single waveform viewer. Once the design is complete, the Simulink Coder product from MathWorks can be used to generate C-code for the control algorithms. The C-code can then be imported into the Saber environment for final design verification.

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  • Control Systems
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