Waveforms Toolbox for BESA Software

Analysis tool for source waveform files associated with brain research


  • Graphical display of BESA source waveforms
  • Statistical analysis using bootstrap confidence intervals
  • Peak detection (latency and amplitude) and export
  • User-defined combination of source waveforms


The Waveforms toolbox is designed for users of BESA software as an add-on tool for the analysis of BESA source waveforms. BESA is a software package for EEG and MEG data analysis. Discrete multiple source analysis of EEG and MEG data in BESA results in models of brain activity. The time-course of this activity can be exported in BESA as source waveform files (.swf) to allow for statistical analysis across different data sets using the Waveforms toolbox. Users can open multiple BESA .swf files. The different components contained in these files can be plotted, analyzed (baseline correction, peak detection, latency shifting), and combined (averages, weighted sums, and differences). Confidence intervals of averaged source waveforms can be computed, allowing for statistical comparison of brain responses across subjects, conditions, or sources.

Users include neuroscientists and experimental psychologists working in the field of brain research. The Waveforms toolbox is a collection of MATLAB® functions and user interfaces. Waveforms is called from within the MATLAB environment from the command line.


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Required Products


  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • UNIX
  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics


  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical