ESSE Distributed Systems Engineering Workbench

Modeling, simulation, and verification of vehicle control systems


  • Simulate thousands of vehicles in traffic
  • Scale to ~1000 cores with linear increase in performance
  • Incorporate any model, simulator, or tool
  • Interface to Simulink plant models and Simulink environment
  • Perform rapid prototyping and optimization of parameterized, large-scale, distributed systems


Safe Operation of Communicating Vehicles in Traffic

The ESSE Distributed Systems Workbench supports rapid modeling and simulation of networked (distributed) systems. Any model with its simulator, in the continuous-time or discrete-time domain, can be used to construct a system model. In the ESSE environment, models are connected by models of networks, such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and Mobile WiFi, to build general networked systems. The ESSE Workbench supports all levels of Model-Based Design from specification to design.

The ESSE Workbench enables Simulink models, and their translated C-code derivatives, to be interfaced to various other models in a distributed system model via an ESSE Active Interface (AIF). The ESSE AIF transmits and receives distributed simulation timed event information between the Simulink model and other models that are connected to the same ESSE SNF network. Each model, together with its respective simulator, may be executed on individual cores within a cluster of host computers. The hosts may run Windows or Linux operating systems and virtual computers within a host may also run either Windows or Linux on individual cores. The Simulink graphical environment is supported to enable visualization of output.

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