WaveMaster Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Advanced measurement and signal analysis


  • X-Stream technology for fastest measurement throughput
  • Customized math and measurements
  • Packaged for waveshape analysis
  • SiGe front end, ADC’s, and trigger
  • Incorporate MATLAB measurements directly in the oscilloscope processing stream


The WaveMaster TM Series digital storage oscilloscopes with X-Stream TM technology enable complex waveshape analysis by transferring data in a streaming mode and optimizing use of LI cache for calculations. X-Stream Technology is unique to LeCroy oscilloscopes, and can perform measurements 10-100 times faster than other technologies. The DSO is currently available with up to 6 GHz bandwidth, up to 20 GS/s (2 channel) or 10 GS/s (4 channel) sampling rate, and up to 48 Mpts (2 channel) or 24 Mpts (4 channel) memory. 

The WaveMaster series is targeted to engineers who design and test high speed components and circuits. Applications include chip design, jitter testing, data storage, communications and military/aerospace design/test. Engineers who use MATLAB to perform customized measurements will greatly benefit from WaveMaster's unique ability to incorporate MATLAB computations directly in the processing stream of the scope. The user does not need to rely on the one-way "connectivity" that is used in other instruments.

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Required Products


  • Windows


  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • On-site assistance
  • Telephone
  • Training

Product Type

  • Test Instruments


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Digital Signal Processing


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Semiconductor