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DDS Blockset

Design and simulate DDS applications

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Modeling DDS Applications

Model and simulate applications that use the DDS middleware protocol and Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

Create DDS Applications

Use the DDS Application Quick Start app to create default DDS definitions or use predefined DDS definitions created in DDS Simulink models. You can configure DDS models as Publishers and Subscribers to DDS Topics using preconfigured blocks.

User interface of the DDS Application Quick Start app.

Creating DDS definitions.

Configure and Manage DDS Definitions

View and manage DDS definitions including Domains, Topics, Types, and QoS for DDS applications using the DDS dictionary. Additionally, you can use the code mappings editor to configure a DDS interface to specify the Topic and QoS for the DataReader and DataWriter entities of your application.

User Interface of the DDS dictionary.

Managing DDS definitions.

Simulating DDS Applications

Simulate DDS Simulink models including their QoS.

Simulate DDS Models and QoS

Simulate DDS models configured as Publishers and Subscribers to DDS Topics and Quality of Services (QoS) including HISTORY to verify the runtime behavior with specified QoS policies.

Two plots showing simulation results for a positioning system.

Simulating a DDS application including its QoS.

Importing and Exporting DDS Descriptions

Develop DDS applications in Simulink. Start with a Simulink model or import DDS definitions as XML files.

Starting with a Simulink Model

Create and model DDS applications in Simulink using the DDS Application Quick Start app. Build your application model to export DDS definitions as XML files for RTI Connext and IDL files for eProsima with Embedded Coder.

Simulink model with code mappings editor.

Modeling DDS applications in Simulink.

Starting with DDS Definitions from an XML File

You can import DDS definitions from third-party generated XML files into Simulink using DDS Application Quick Start. This approach enables you to bring DDS concepts such as Domains, Topics, Types, and QoS into Simulink for DDS applications.

 Interface for importing an XML file.

Importing DDS definitions into Simulink.

Generating and Deploying Code for DDS Applications

Generate DDS executables and deploy them on a DDS network.

Deploy DDS Applications

With Embedded coder, generate C++ production code with DDS APIs and XML or IDL files from Simulink models to deploy on the DDS network.

 Snippet of  generated C++ code with DDS APIs.

Generating C++ code from a DDS Simulink model.

Integration with Third-Party DDS Implementation Stacks

DDS Blockset fully integrates with third-party DDS stacks including RTI Connext and eProsima Fast DDS.

DDS Application Quick Start screen showing the eProsima and RTI Connext options for vendor selection.

Supporting third-party DDS implementation stacks.

Application Examples

Use application examples to design, simulate, and deploy applications on a DDS network.