Mapping Toolbox


Mapping Toolbox

Analyze and visualize geographic information

Geographic Data Import and Export

Import vector and raster GIS and geospatial data into the MATLAB environment. Export and raster data to standard formats and share with Geographic Information Systems and other geospatial applications.

2D and 3D Map Displays

Combine vector and raster data sets in a single display, and create contour displays and other types of thematic maps.

Terrain and Elevation Analysis

Visualize and Analyze 3D data such as digital terrain, bathymetry, and other gridded-data products. Calculate gradient, slope, aspect, line-of-sight visibility, and viewsheds.

Geospatial Data Processing

Perform geodetic calculations that account for the curvature of Earth and other planetary bodies.

“Soon after ForWarn moved into production, it detected previously unnoticed hail damage that posed a threat to a watershed. We would not have been able to do this work as efficiently without MATLAB.”

Duane Armstrong, NASA Stennis Space Center

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