MATLAB Parallel Server

Online Licensing for MATLAB Parallel Server

Online licensing for MATLAB Parallel Server™ is cloud-based licensing that provides an alternative to the network license manager and enables you to flexibly scale your parallel MATLAB computations.

Online licensing provides portability and is ideal for people who wish to use multiple MATLAB Parallel Server environments. Clusters that have MATLAB Parallel Server installed and configured for online licensing make it easy for colleagues and collaborators to bring their own license and share hardware resources without needing to share licenses.

To take advantage of online licensing, users must link their MathWorks Account to the license, and each node in the cluster must be able to access MathWorks license servers.

Online licensing provides the following benefits:

  • License portability: Users who linked their MathWorks Account to an online license can use any accessible MATLAB Parallel Server cluster that is configured for online licensing.
  • New releases are ready to work without a new license file.
  • There is no license manager to install or maintain.
  • Support for term and perpetual licensing.
  • Available on-demand licensing for short-term needs.
License Manager Choices*




(Per worker per hour)

Online Licensing

Network License Manager


*Note: For standard and academic term licenses you can change your license and installation to use either the network license manager or online licensing. For assistance, contact Support.

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