MATLAB Report Generator


MATLAB Report Generator

Design and automatically generate reports from MATLAB applications

Automate Report Generation from MATLAB Applications

Share the results of your MATLAB applications by building report programs that produce highly customized reports. Write MATLAB code that uses the Report API and Document Object Model (DOM) API to format and add the results from your application to a report document.

Automate Generation of PowerPoint Presentations

Create and update PowerPoint presentations programmatically by using the MATLAB API for PowerPoint (PPT API). Replace content and add content to existing PowerPoint presentations or generate completely new PowerPoint presentations.

Templates for Automated Reporting

Use templates to specify regions of fixed text and leave blank regions (or holes) for dynamic content. Use a forms-based approach to fill in the blanks with content generated from MATLAB using Report and DOM APIs.

“With MATLAB and MATLAB Report Generator, we have combined object-oriented development, automated data processing, sophisticated risk models, and highly customized production reports in a single, highly efficient solution.”

Max Hilton, Clarus Risk

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