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Released September 1, 2007

R2007b includes Simulink 7, new features in MATLAB, two new products released since R2007a, and updates and bug fixes to 82 other products. Subscribers to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service can download R2007b product updates.

R2007b introduces a major new feature: C code generation from Embedded MATLAB functions directly at the MATLAB command line, using Real-Time Workshop. In addition, Embedded MATLAB Function blocks in Simulink support algorithms in multiple M-files.

New capabilities for the Simulink product family include:

  • Simulation accelerators in Simulink provide compiled simulations and dual-core or dual-processor operation
  • Normal mode model reference for component-based modeling in Simulink
  • Bidirectional tracing and new target-specific code optimization architecture in Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder and embedded target products
  • Code generation for Simscape and SimHydraulics
  • HDL code generation from Embedded MATLAB Function blocks and support for multirate designs in Simulink HDL Coder
  • Continuous time support in Stateflow, with zero crossing detection and differential equation authoring
  • Support for parallel computing in SystemTest using Distributed Computing Toolbox
  • Simulink Design Verifier, a new product for test generation and property proving

New capabilities for the MATLAB product family include:

  • Support for numerical arrays >2x109 elements on 64-bit operating systems for many MATLAB functions
  • Ability to read MPEG, WMV, and other video formats on Windows platforms in MATLAB
  • Video viewer and ROI tools for polygon, ellipse, and freehand selections in Image Processing Toolbox
  • Interleaving of parallel and serial code with the parfor function in Distributed Computing Toolbox
  • Interactive graphics for the Web, using AJAX to enable rotate, zoom, and pan in
    MATLAB Builder for Java
  • Support for Reuters Market Data System in Datafeed Toolbox

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Release Notes by Product

New products

Key features and Release Notes below.

Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP++ 1.1 *

  • Automates verification and debugging of embedded software for Analog Devices Blackfin, SHARC, and TigerSHARC processors using MATLAB, Simulink, and VisualDSP++
  • Generates complete VisualDSP++ projects for Analog Devices processors from Simulink models
  • Supports PIL simulation with Analog Devices processors using the same Simulink model for system design, system simulation, code generation, and embedded code verification
  • Provides synchronous and asynchronous schedulers in multitasking mode in the code generated from Simulink models
  • Supports custom cache configuration and memory mapping on Analog Devices processors from within Simulink models
  • Provides a real-time execution profiler that profiles embedded code executing on Analog Devices processors and helps identify bottlenecks in code performance

New products

Key features and Release Notes below.

Embedded IDE Link MU 1 **

  • Connects MATLAB® and Simulink® to Green Hills® MULTI® using high-speed interfaces
  • Supports PowerPC® and other popular microprocessors from Freescale™, NEC and Analog Devices®
  • Enables processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing for object code verification
  • Creates projects and downloads them automatically to instruction-set simulators or embedded hardware
  • Offers real-time support for popular microprocessors including Freescale™ MPC5554 and Analog Devices® Blackfin®

Simulink Design Verifier 1.1.1 **

  • Generates tests for Simulink and Stateflow models
  • Detects unreachable design elements in models
  • Proves model properties and generates examples of violations
  • Includes blocks for defining properties
  • Produces test-generation and property-proving analysis reports

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

Updates and bug fixes

Release Notes by product linked below.

* Indicates major update

* Indicates product was introduced via the Web after R2007a and is now available on the R2007b DVD.
** Indicates product was introduced after R2007b and is available via the Web.

Product with License-Related Changes

Please refer to MathWorks Release 2007b Product with License-Related Changes for information on changes to Simulink Accelerator.