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Release Highlights

Accelerate the way you work in MATLAB.

Develop MATLAB applications with an enhanced design environment and UI component set.

Use deep learning for image classification problems.

Access templates, recent models, and featured examples.

Create discrete-event models and schedulers with event actions and new blocks.

Display flight conditions with standard cockpit instruments.


Updates by Product

MATLAB Product Family

Live Editor for:

  • Developing live scripts that contain results and graphics together with the associated code
  • Creating an interactive narrative for sharing that includes code, results, and graphics as well as formatted text, hyperlinks, images, and equations
  • App Designer for building MATLAB apps with line and scatter plots using an enhanced design environment and an expanded UI component set
  • New multiple y-axis plots, polar plots, and equation visualization
  • Pause, debug, and resume MATLAB® code execution
  • Deep learning with convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for image classification tasks using GPU acceleration in Parallel Computing Toolbox™
  • Integration with the MATLAB Live Editor for editing symbolic code and visualizing results, and converting MuPAD® notebooks to live scripts
  • Classification Learner app that trains multiple models automatically, visualizes results by class labels, and performs logistic regression classification
  • New and redesigned apps for designing SISO controllers, automatically tuning MIMO systems, and creating reduced-order models
  • Support for Kinect® for Windows® v2 and USB 3 Vision
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) Trainer app, pedestrian detection, and structure from motion and bundle adjustment for 3-D vision
  • Transaction cost analysis for trading, sensitivity, and post-trade execution

Simulink Product Family

  • Start page for starting or resuming work faster by accessing templates, recent models, and featured examples
  • Automatic solver option to set up and simulate your model more quickly
  • Simulation of system models targeting heterogeneous devices such as Xilinx® and Altera® SoC architectures
  • Simulink units to specify, visualize, and check units at interfaces of Simulink, Stateflow®, and Simscape™ components
  • Variant Source and Sink blocks for defining and propagating variant conditions to connected functionality with compiler directives in generated code
  • Standard cockpit instruments for displaying flight conditions
  • New discrete-event simulation and modeling engine with event-actions, MATLAB discrete-event system object authoring, and Simulink and Stateflow automatic domain transitions
  • New equation reduction and simulation technology for faster simulation and run-time parameter tuning in generated code
  • Thermal Liquid library for modeling systems with liquids whose properties vary with temperature
  • Sensitivity Analysis Tool using design of experiments, Monte Carlo simulations, and correlation analysis
  • Three-way model merge for graphically resolving conflicts between revisions within a Simulink project

Signal Processing and Communications

  • Dielectric modeling for analyzing substrate effects in antennas and finite antenna arrays
  • RF Budget Analyzer for computing gain, noise figure, and IP3 for cascaded RF components
  • Automatic RF Testbench generation
  • A new product for designing and testing audio processing systems
  • A new product for simulating, analyzing, and testing the physical layer of WLAN communications systems

Code Generation

  • Compiler directive generation for implementing signal dimension as a #define
  • HDL-optimized FFT and IFFT that support frame input for giga-sample per-second (GSPS) design
  • PCIe FPGA-in-the-loop for simulating algorithms on Xilinx® KC705/VC707 and Altera® Cyclone® V GT/Stratix V DSP development boards via the PCI Express® interface

Verification and Validation

  • Support for long-double floating point and improved support for Infinity and NaN
  • Automatic test generation for C code S-functions
  • IEC 62304 medical standard support for Simulink Verification and Validation™
  • Author and execute real-time tests with Simulink Real-Time™

Release Notes by Product

* Indicates major update