R2019a at a Glance


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Release Highlights

Develop controllers and decision making systems using reinforcement learning, train deep learning models on NVIDIA DGX and cloud platforms, and apply deep learning to 3-D data.

Design and simulate AUTOSAR software, interface with HERE HD maps, and generate energy balance reports.

Design and analyze system and software architectures with System Composer.

Use projects in MATLAB and Simulink to organize, manage, and share your work.

Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Simulink models through an interactive tutorial.

Graphically program, debug, and execute standalone state machines as MATLAB objects


Updates by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Projects: Use Projects in MATLAB and Simulink to organize, manage, and share your work
  • Parquet file support: Read and write single or large collections of Parquet files
  • C++ Interface: Call C++ library functions from MATLAB

MATLAB Parallel Server (formerly MATLAB Distributed Computing Server)

  • Updated license model: Support for unlimited scaling per user

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • Edit distance: Find similarity between strings and documents using Levensthein distance and other distance measures

Predictive Maintenance Toolbox

  • Diagnostic Feature Designer: Interactively extract, visualize, and rank features from measured or simulated data for machine diagnostics and prognostics

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Machine Learning Apps: Train Naïve Bayes models in Classification Learner, and export visualizations to figures in Classification Learner and Regression Learner
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: Perform density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise (DBSCAN), hyperparameter optimization for multiclass classification with kernels, and accelerated training gradient boosted trees (similar to XGBoost)

Test & Measurement

Data Acquisition Toolbox

  • Analog Output Generator App: Write data to analog output channels on your DAQ device

Instrument Control Toolbox

  • Modbus Explorer App: Configure Modbus communication and read and write to registers without authoring code

Image Acquisition Toolbox

  • Velodyne LiDAR Support: Stream live lidar point clouds into MATLAB or to disk

Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

  • A new product for designing and training policies using reinforcement learning

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • 3-D Volume Data: Train deep learning networks on 3-D image data
  • Deep Network Designer: Create networks for computer vision, signal, and text applications, and generate MATLAB code from the app
  • Recurrent Networks: Combine LSTM and convolutional layers for video classification and gesture recognition
  • ONNX Support: Use ONNX with LSTM networks and Computer Vision System Toolbox models

Simulink Product Family


  • Schedule Editor: Explicitly schedule the execution of your model components
  • Simulink Onramp: Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Simulink models through an interactive tutorial
  • Signal Editor: Graphically create and insert signals by mouse or by touch
  • External Mode: Use Dashboard blocks and Simulation Data Inspector to run models interactively on Arduino and Raspberry Pi

System Composer

  • A new product for designing and analyzing system and software architectures


  • Stateflow Charts in MATLAB: Graphically program, debug and execute standalone state machines as MATLAB objects

SoC Blockset

  • A new product for designing, evaluating, and implementing SoC hardware and software architectures

Signal Processing and Communications

Mixed-Signal Blockset

  • A new product for designing and simulating analog and mixed-signal systems

SerDes Toolbox

  • A new product for designing SerDes systems and generating IBIS-AMI models for high-speed digital interconnects

5G Toolbox

  • 5G NR uplink: Waveform generation and PUSCH link-level reference simulation

Audio Toolbox

  • Feature Extraction: Compute gammatone cepstral coefficients (GTCC), harmonicity, and eleven spectral descriptors for machine learning and deep learning applications
  • JUCE Plugin Project Generation: Generate a JUCE C++ project from your MATLAB audio plugin (Requires MATLAB Coder)

Antenna Toolbox

  • Installed Antenna Analysis: Perform analysis of antennas installed on electrically large platforms

Communications Toolbox

  • Instrument connectivity in Wireless Waveform Generator App: Transmit wireless waveforms over-the-air with RF instruments (requires Instrument Control Toolbox)

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • Multi-Object Trackers: Track point and extended objects using JPDA and PHD trackers

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image Processing Toolbox

  • 3-D image processing and volume visualization

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • YOLO v2 Object Detector: Train a “You Only Look Once” (YOLO) v2 deep learning object detector
  • 3-D Semantic Segmentation: Classify pixel regions in 3-D volumes using deep learning
  • Code Generation for Point Cloud Processing: Generate C code for point cloud processing functionality using MATLAB Coder
  • Velodyne Point Cloud Reader: Read lidar data from Puck LITE and Puck Hi-Res device models 


AUTOSAR Blockset

  • A new product for designing and simulating AUTOSAR software

Automated Driving Toolbox

  • HERE HD Live Map Reader: Read and visualize data from high-definition maps designed for automated driving applications 

Powertrain Blockset

  • Powertrain Efficiency: Evaluate and report energy and power losses at component and system level

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

  • Kinematics and Compliance Virtual Test Laboratory: Generate mapped suspension calibration parameters from spreadsheet data

Verification and Validation

Polyspace Product Family

  • New server products for running Polyspace static analysis on server class machines
  • New web browser-based products for review of bug finding and code proving results

Requirements Toolbox

  • Roundtrip Workflow with Requirements Tools: Import requirements from third party requirements tools, modify and export back through ReqIF

Simulink Test

  • Temporal Assessments for Requirements Verification: Translate textual requirements as executable assessments with precise semantics
  • Observer Blocks: Capture signals without perturbing model or interface