Simulink Coder

Generate Code and Executables from Simulink

Generate C, C++, shared libraries, and executables from Simulink, Stateflow, and many add-on products including Simscape and Deep Learning Toolbox.

Prototype and Test with Hardware

Run code generated from Simulink for desktop execution, rapid prototyping, and testing of embedded controllers and autonomous systems.

Tune Parameters and Log Data in Real Time

Optimize your design within Simulink while the code is executing on external devices by viewing and tuning data using scopes, dashboards, and live-stream plots.

"We can iterate our design in Simulink, regenerate code with Simulink Coder, and be ready to conduct real-time tests with Simulink Real-Time in minutes. Without Model-Based Design, each improvement step on real-time hardware would typically take days.”

Raoul Glatt, Sonova