Communicate with in-vehicle networks using CAN, J1939, and XCP protocols

Vehicle Network Toolbox™ provides connectivity to CAN devices from MATLAB® and Simulink® using industry-standard CAN database files. The toolbox provides MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks to send, receive, encode, and decode CAN, J1939, and XCP messages. You can also connect to an ECU via XCP on CAN using A2L description files.

The toolbox lets you monitor, filter, and analyze live CAN bus data or log and record messages for later analysis and replay. You also can simulate message traffic on a virtual CAN bus or connect to a live network or ECU. Vehicle Network Toolbox supports CAN interface devices from Vector, Kvaser, PEAK-System, and National Instruments®.


CAN Bus Communication from MATLAB and Simulink

Interact directly with a CAN bus from MATLAB or Simulink.

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Communicating over the XCP Protocol

Communicate with ECUs via XCP—an automotive calibration protocol—over CAN bus.

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Communicating Over J1939 Protocol

Communicate via J1939 — a CAN based high-level protocol commonly used in the heavy-duty truck industry.

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Visualizing CAN Traffic

Visualize active traffic on a particular CAN channel.

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Using Vector CAN Database Files

Associate a Vector CAN database file with a CAN channel or message from MATLAB or Simulink.

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Using A2L Description Files

Use industry-standard A2L (also known as ASAP2) description files to communicate with ECUs over the XCP protocol.

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