Using MATLAB® and Simulink®, you can design, simulate, and generate code for your CubeSat system. The MATLAB and Simulink product family can help you to:

  • Define the behavior of your CubeSat and use simulation to validate your design
  • Generate code from your design and upload it to your CubeSat system
  • Develop your CubeSat payloads (communications, radar, and camera) and simulate your mission profile

Four Steps to Building Smarter Satellite RF Systems in MATLAB

Designing and Simulating a CubeSat

There are many variables that must be taken into account when developing a CubeSat, whether you are sizing your battery, designing your guidance and navigation controls, or simulating your system-level design.

Using the MATLAB and Simulink product families, you can optimize your power management system, as well as develop and test your controls algorithms. You can quickly create a simulation of your CubeSat system and simulate your mission profile.

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Generating Code for Flight Software

Once you have simulated your design, you can easily generate code for your CubeSat flight software. Reduce your development time by quickly turning your algorithms into code and targeting your hardware using MATLAB and Simulink tools.

Develop Payloads for CubeSat

You can use MATLAB and Simulink to design the different payloads for your CubeSat. These include communications systems, cameras for image acquisition, or radar systems for terrain feature recognition.

You can also use the MATLAB and Simulink product family to analyze the data from your CubeSat. Use Computer Vision Toolbox™ and Image Processing Toolbox™ to sift through pictures and develop algorithms that identify landmarks and other interesting sights.

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