Model Deployment


MATLAB for Model Deployment

Deploy trained predictive models to target systems

Deploy your MATLAB or Simulink models to many deployment targets in a production environment. MathWorks software lets you deploy your models to vehicles, industrial equipment, operational systems, enterprise applications, or browser-based applications without recoding in another language.

Deploy to Embedded Devices

Convert your models to C, C++, and CUDA® to incorporate your predictive models into embedded or edge devices. Learn more about MATLAB Coder and GPU Coder.

Deploy to Enterprise Applications

Integrate your predictive models with in-house developed enterprise desktop or server applications written in C, C++, C# .NET, Java, or Python using MATLAB Compiler SDK.

Deploy as Microservice APIs

Deploy your models as RESTful APIs that can be called from numerous applications and languages. Inputs and results are passed as JSON payloads that can be easily parsed. Learn more about how to deploy as APIs with MATLAB Production Server.