Deploying Models to Teams, Departments, or Companies

Physical system models can be deployed for developing and testing other systems. Converting the physical model to C code lets you test the controller using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation instead of prototypes. You can also deploy the C code to other simulation environments for real-time testing of hardware or software, or use it as a standalone executable for batch tests. Protecting the model lets you share it with other companies without exposing your intellectual property.

Test Controller Using Hardware in the Loop Before Connecting to Prototypes

Models created with MathWorks physical modeling products can be converted into C code for HIL tests using Simulink Coder™. This code runs on a real-time computer that is connected to controller hardware, enabling you to test the actual controller code and hardware without relying on expensive system prototypes. Engineers also use the same plant model for software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) tests. With these tests you exercise your algorithm without endangering equipment and personnel to help ensure that your system will behave as specified when you connect the controller to the real system.

Integrate Your Models into Other Simulation Environments

Your model can be converted to a standalone executable using Simulink Coder for running simulations on other computers without MathWorks licenses. Model-generated C code can be incorporated into other simulation environments, such as flight simulators for testing flight software and hardware. Deploying your models increases their reuse so that you can avoid redundant work.

Share Models and Protect Intellectual Property

The Simscape Editing Modes let you share models that you create using Simscape add-on products with other Simscape users who do not have licenses for the add-on products. Simscape users can view models, change model parameters, and simulate models developed with Simscape add-on products to perform tasks such as controller development or parameter studies. You can protect Simscape language component files or entire subsystems to share them with other companies without exposing your intellectual property. This flexibility when sharing models makes more efficient use of purchased software licenses and improves communication.