MathWorks Business Continuity and COVID-19 

MathWorks does not expect COVID-19 to affect our ability to provide products and services to our customers. Our products and services primarily consist of software that runs on our customers’ equipment and networks, and online offerings hosted on Amazon Web Services, which has its own business continuity plan. We will continue to support our customers in line with our policies and customer commitments.  

MathWorks staff around the world have shifted to working remotely, consistent with local guidelines, and our critical business practices for development, support, sales, and other back-end activities continue.

Customer access to software downloads, online training, technical support, and other resources continues.

Customers can still connect with their account teams via phone and email or through our website for questions, support, and other customer service needs.

As a global organization we run critical business activities out of multiple locations. In the event of a regional disaster or significant system outage it is our practice to continue to manage critical functions from an alternate location. System availability and recoverability are core design principles of our information systems architecture. Critical information systems are designed to minimize the risk of downtime and, if needed, recover functionality necessary to manage key business operations. MathWorks uses tabletop exercises to envision disaster and recovery scenarios. Additionally, MathWorks recovers from system failures as a normal course of business.   

We are regularly managing the performance of our software and services. MathWorks technology teams use monitoring tools to identify system availability and performance issues and respond according to internal procedures. Customers can view and subscribe to real-time status updates about service availability at

We are actively monitoring the situation at the international, national, and local levels, and will continue to act in the best interest of our staff, customers, and communities and comply with new government guidelines. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this crisis, and we hope that the important measures being undertaken by governments, organizations, and individuals everywhere will bring resolution to this global challenge as quickly as possible.