What to Expect When You Apply

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about applying, interviewing, and onboarding.


Search for a relevant position that aligns with your interest and experience. Then click the Apply Now button. You will start by creating (or signing into) a Careers account. You have the option to sign in with a LinkedIn account.

A Careers account allows you to see the status of jobs you have applied for, as well as build and maintain profiles for faster and more accurate job consideration.

No. Your Careers account is used exclusively for applying for jobs at MathWorks.

Yes. After you apply for a position, you can return to the job search to find and apply for other relevant positions. If you apply for multiple roles, we’ll match you with the position that best suits your skills as a priority, before considering you for the other positions.

Confirm that your Application Profile (containing your contact info, academic and work history, and certifications) is complete and accurate.

Ensure that your résumé/CV covers the attributes mentioned in the job description. It’s OK to submit variations of your résumé/CV for different roles, emphasizing the most relevant parts of your background.

Optionally, you can include a cover letter to highlight why you feel you’re a great match for the position.

You can upload a new résumé and supporting documents at any time. Once uploaded, those documents can be associated with each job application individually. You also have the option to update your Applicant Profile at any time. We recommend doing this if your résumé/CV contains substantial updates, particularly any new education or employment information.

Yes, and it’s one of our best sources of new hires. If you know someone at MathWorks and you are interested in a position, ask them to submit your résumé.

    The best way to stay in touch is by joining the MathWorks Talent Network. We’ll send stories, company updates, and relevant job opportunities right to your inbox. No résumé/CV required!

Yes. We have an active recruiting program for engineering and computer science graduates, as well interns and non-engineering entry-level positions. Learn more about roles for interns and new graduates.

For select roles and candidates, MathWorks may sponsor a visa and help with the immigration process. Every situation is different, so it’s important to discuss your visa requirements with your MathWorks recruiter.

For some positions that require expertise outside the local area, MathWorks may expand recruiting to other regions and provide relocation assistance to qualified candidates.

English language skills are required for all positions at MathWorks. When you apply, your primary résumé/CV must be in English. You are encouraged to submit a secondary résumé/CV in any other language relevant to the position or location.

The recruiting team reviews all candidate profiles, so it may take some time to provide a preliminary update. At any time, you can check the status of your application in your Careers account.

Legitimate emails from MathWorks will always have an @mathworks.com email address. Email communications from any other domain may be attempts to steal personal information or commit fraud. If you believe you have been contacted by someone fraudulently representing themselves to be acting on behalf of MathWorks, contact your local law enforcement agency.


Successful candidates don’t stop at understanding the position for which they’re interviewing. Nothing generates more excitement with hiring teams than an enthusiastic candidate who can answer the question “Why MathWorks?” by demonstrating preparation and interest in MathWorks as a whole.

Be ready to discuss your role in a project, any challenges you faced and overcame, and how you did it. Your work may have been part of a team effort, but it’s important to focus on your personal contribution (using “I” rather than “we”).

The first step is a phone or virtual interview with the recruiter or the hiring manager.

If there is a strong match, you will be invited for a full interview round. Whether conducted virtually or in person, the interview day typically starts with a short “all hands” meeting where you are invited to present your background and experience to the team and discuss a project of your choosing. The goal is to familiarize the interview team with your qualifications (to avoid redundant “résumé questions” during individual interviews afterward). Some interviews may be spread over multiple days for convenience. 

Your MathWorks recruiter will be your guide in explaining and preparing for the interview process.

A typical interview round involves the hiring manager, the recruiter, and a few staff members with a direct connection to the role. Sometimes additional team members join for the “all hands” presentation only.

The dress code at MathWorks is business casual—professional, but not formal.

Most interview rounds include four or five interviewers and take a good part of the day. Onsite interviews typically include a break for lunch. Virtual interview schedules will have built-in time for breaks as appropriate and may be spread over multiple days for convenience.

For technical positions, the hiring manager will often do a technical screening by phone or videoconference. You may also be asked to do a live coding test in a shared online environment.

We will work with each candidate to see what kind of interview process makes the most sense. Virtual interviews are the most common at this time, but for some positions we may consider in-person meetings if appropriate.

Unfortunately, because of the volume of applications we receive, it is not possible to respond to each applicant personally. If the recruiter and hiring manager see a match with your qualifications, you should hear from us within a week or so to set up an initial telephone interview.

If you advance to a formal interview round, we typically provide feedback within two days.

For all candidates who are involved in phone interviews or later consideration steps, your MathWorks recruiter will be in touch with regular updates and information.

Applicants can check the status of their applications in their Careers account at any time.

Yes. As the last step in the consideration process, we require hiring managers to check three professional references. Reference contacts may include previous managers or supervisors. New and recent graduates often use advisory professors as references. Your MathWorks recruiter will be glad to discuss appropriate reference contacts with you based on your experience level and work history.

In the U.S., everyone who receives an offer must pass a background check before commencing employment. Our background check is conducted confidentially by an independent company that will verify educational attainment and employment history and check for any criminal background.

Onboarding: Getting Started at MathWorks

The model comprises three components:  1) Staff members are expected to work at the office at least three days per week, 2) Two of those three days are synchronous, so you can count on seeing the greatest number of your office colleagues in person, and 3) Staff have an additional option to temporarily work from a location other than their home or office for four weeks per year. The hybrid model is designed to create a better work environment than either “all at the office” or “all remote.” It’s a work environment where in-person buzz and energy in the office can foster important creativity, innovation, networking, community, and belonging, while at the same time providing flexible home life optimizations we all like. Your recruiter can provide more details.

Onboarding starts with New Hire Orientation hosted by the Human Resources team. You will learn about benefits, perks, and policies.

You will attend systems training to learn about the core business applications we rely on at MathWorks.

Your manager will plan short orientation meetings with coworkers.

Your manager will assign your “MathWorks Buddy”—typically a peer—who will help acquaint you with the culture and provide practical tips for working successfully at MathWorks.

Your manager will develop goals and objectives for your first three to six months and will organize your initial projects and peer collaborations to set you up for success.

You will be invited to attend Big Picture Orientation, usually within your first six months. This three-day training provides a view into our history, culture, values, and operations.

Team-specific training, such as Development New Hire Training, Introduction to the Engineering Development Group, and Marketing Orientation, is provided.

For most roles, you will receive training on MATLAB and Simulink. Courses are available for technical and non-technical roles. MathWorks also offers online and in-person opportunities for professional and personal development, such as book clubs and courses on project management, writing, and financial planning.

All are encouraged to pursue a goal of achieving 40 hours of professional training each year to advance their skills.