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Generate Parameters for Flux-Based Blocks

This table provides a description of the process to generate the parameters and links to examples.

For BlockTo GenerateDescription Example
Flux-Based PM Controller

Current Controller parameters:

  • Corresponding d-axis current reference, id_ref

  • Corresponding q-axis current reference, iq_ref

  • Vector of speed breakpoints, wbp

  • Vector of torque breakpoints, tbp

Use the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ to generate optimized current controller tables for flux-based motor controllers.

Based on nonlinear motor flux data, the calibration tables optimize:

  • Motor efficiency

  • Maximum torque per ampere (MTPA)

  • Flux weakening

Generate Current Controller Parameters

Motor parameters:

  • Vector of d-axis current breakpoints, id_index

  • Vector of q-axis current breakpoints, iq_index

  • Corresponding d-axis flux, lambda_d

  • Corresponding q-axis flux, lambda_q

Use MATLAB® scripts available with Powertrain Blockset™ to load flux motor data, visualize the flux surface, and create plots of flux as a function of current.

Generate Feed-Forward Flux Parameters

Flux-Based PMSM


  • Vector of d-axis flux, flux_d

  • Vector of q-axis flux, flux_q

  • Corresponding d-axis current, id

  • Corresponding q-axis current, iq

Use MATLAB scripts available with Powertrain Blockset to load flux motor data, invert the flux, and create plots of current as a function of flux.

Generate Parameters for Flux-Based PMSM Block

To open a model with optimized parameters for the Flux-Based PM Controller and Flux-Based PMSM blocks, on the command-line, type Flux_Based_PMSM_TestBench.


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