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Add Simulink block signal to AUTOSAR mapping

Since R2020b



addSignal(slMap,slPortHandle) adds the Simulink® block signal associated with outport port handle slPortHandle to AUTOSAR mapping. The signal then can be mapped to an AUTOSAR variable, for example, by using the mapSignal function.


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In example model autosar_swc_counter:

  1. Create a new default AUTOSAR mapping.

  2. Add Simulink signal equal_to_count, which originates in the RelOpt block, to the AUTOSAR component signal mapping.

  3. Map the signal to AUTOSAR static memory and set ReadWrite calibration access.

hModel = 'autosar_swc_counter';
autosar.api.create(hModel,'default'); % Create default AUTOSAR mapping
slMap = autosar.api.getSimulinkMapping(hModel);

portHandles = get_param('autosar_swc_counter/RelOpt','portHandles');
outportHandle = portHandles.Outport;


Input Arguments

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Simulink to AUTOSAR mapping information for a model, previously returned by slMap = autosar.api.getSimulinkMapping(model). model is a handle, character vector, or string scalar representing the model name.

Example: slMap

Outport port handle for a Simulink block signal to add to AUTOSAR mapping. Use MATLAB® commands to construct the outport port handle. For example, for a Relational Operator block named RelOpt:

portHandles = get_param('autosar_swc_counter/RelOpt','portHandles');
outportHandle = portHandles.Outport;

Example: outportHandle

Version History

Introduced in R2020b