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The AUTOSAR ARXML importer imports AUTOSAR description files produced by an AUTOSAR authoring tool (AAT) into a Simulink® model. The importer first parses ARXML code that describes AUTOSAR software components, compositions, or packages of predefined elements for component sharing. Then, based on commands that you issue, the importer imports a subset of the elements and objects in the ARXML description into Simulink. The subset consists of AUTOSAR elements relevant for Simulink model-based design of an automotive application. For example, for an imported component, the subset includes AUTOSAR ports, interfaces, data types, aspects of internal behavior, and packages.

For imported software components, the importer creates an initial Simulink representation of each component, with an initial, default mapping of Simulink model elements to AUTOSAR component elements. The initial representation provides a starting point for further AUTOSAR configuration and model-based design.

As part of the import operation, the importer validates the XML in the imported ARXML files. If XML validation fails for a file, the importer displays errors. For example:

The IsService attribute is undefined for interface /mtest_pkg/mtest_if/In1
in file hArxmlFileErrorMissingIsService_SR_3p2.arxml:48.
Specify the IsService attribute to be either true or false

In this example message, the file name is a hyperlink, and you can click the hyperlink to see the location of the error in the ARXML file.

To help support the round trip of AUTOSAR elements between an AAT and the Simulink model-based design environment, Embedded Coder®:

The AUTOSAR ARXML importer is implemented as an arxml.importer object. For a complete list of functions, see the arxml.importer object reference page.

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