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Download SSH Key Identity File

Among the cluster information in Cloud Center is the SSH key for that cluster, for non-root user access. Follow these steps to download a cluster’s SSH key identity file:

  1. In Cloud Center, click My Clusters.

  2. In the list of your clusters, click the cluster whose key you want to download.

  3. In the Cluster Summary display, click More Details to expand the display.

  4. In the SSH Keys information field is a hyperlink labeled User Access. Click this link to download and save the key (.pem) file to your local client machine.

You can use your saved .pem file for SSH or other access to the cloud machines for transferring data, as described in Transfer Data with Standard Utilities.

Note that the only key available here is for user access (username clouduser), not for root access. A root access key (user name: ubuntu) is provided only when you create a new cluster. If you require, but do not have access to the root private key for a cluster, you could create a new cluster using another key for which you do have access, or create a new key according to the SSH key name description in Create a Cloud Cluster.

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