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Return characteristic information about channel filter

Since R2020b



    infostruct = info(chanFilt) returns a structure containing characteristic information about the comm.ChannelFilter System object™.


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    In a distributed MIMO system, send the same signal from two geographically separate transmitters (Tx) and combine the received signals at one single receiver (Rx) to explore spatial diversity. The two Txs are not co-located and they experience different multipath (path delays) to the Rx. Specify the path delays respectively.

    delay1 = [0 1.5 2.3 5.2 6.6];
    delay2 = [0 3.7 6.2];

    Configure one channel filter object per Tx.

    chanFilt1 = comm.ChannelFilter('PathDelays', delay1);
    chanFilt2 = comm.ChannelFilter('PathDelays', delay2);

    Use the info object function to get the ChannelFilterDelay and ChannelFilterCoefficients.

    ans = struct with fields:
               ChannelFilterDelay: 6
        ChannelFilterCoefficients: [5x21 double]
    ans = struct with fields:
               ChannelFilterDelay: 4
        ChannelFilterCoefficients: [3x19 double]

    Input Arguments

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    Channel filter, specified as a comm.ChannelFilter System object.

    Output Arguments

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    Characteristic information about channel filter, returned as a structure containing these fields:

    Channel filter delay, returned as a positive real scalar.

    Data Types: double

    Channel filter coefficients, returned as a vector or a matrix.

    Data Types: double

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020b

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