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Range of radio wave propagation

Since R2019b



r = range(propmodel,tx,pl)returns the range of radio wave propagation from the transmitter site.


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Specify transmitter and receiver sites.

tx = txsite('Name','MathWorks Apple Hill',...
       'Latitude',42.3001, ...
       'Longitude',-71.3504, ...
       'TransmitterFrequency', 2.5e9);
rx = rxsite('Name','Fenway Park',...
       'Latitude',42.3467, ...

Create the propagation model for heavy rainfall rate.

pm = propagationModel('rain','RainRate',50)
pm = 
  Rain with properties:

    RainRate: 50
        Tilt: 0

Calculate the range of transmitter using the rain propagation model and a path loss of 127 dB.

r = range(pm,tx,127)
r = 2.0747e+04

Input Arguments

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Propagation model, specified as a propagation model object. Use the propagationModel function.

Data Types: object

Transmitter site, specified as a txsite object. You can use array inputs to specify multiple sites.

Data Types: char

Path loss, specified as a scalar in decibels.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Range, returned as a scalar or M-by-1 array with each element in meters. M is the number of TX sites.

Range is the maximum distance for which the path loss does not exceed the value of the specified pl.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b