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Insert Data into New Database Table Using Insert Functionality

To insert data into a new database table, you can use the sqlwrite function. The datainsert and fastinsert functions will be removed in a future release. When using the sqlwrite function, you no longer have to preprocess or convert the data, as required by the datainsert function. The following short examples show how to insert the same data using both the sqlwrite and datainsert functions. Use these examples for migrating to the sqlwrite function for data insertion.

Insert data in a new database table by using the sqlwrite function.

% Read from patient.xls file
patient_data = readtable('patient.xls');

% Insert using sqlwrite function

Insert the same data by using the datainsert function.

% Create a database table equivalent to data stored in patients.xls file
sqlquery = ['CREATE TABLE patients(LastName varchar, Gender varchar, ' ...
    'Age numeric, Location varchar, Height numeric, Weight numeric, ' ... 
    'Smoker Boolean, Systolic numeric, Diastolic numeric, ' ...
    'SelfAssessedHealthStatus varchar)'];

% Read from patients.csv file
patient_data = readtable('patients.csv');
variablenames = patient_data.Properties.VariableNames;
patient_data = table2cell(patient_data);

% Convert to compatible data
columns = size(patient_data,2);
for i = 1:columns
    a = patient_data(:,i);
    if all(cellfun(@(x)isnumeric(x),a)) == true
        a(cellfun(@isnan,a)) = {Inf};
        patient_data(:,i) = a;

patient_data = cell2table(patient_data,'VariableNames',variablenames);

% Insert using datainsert function

When using the datainsert function, you must complete additional steps to preprocess the data to insert. Use the sqlwrite function instead to avoid these extra steps.

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