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Workflow for Bloomberg

You can use Bloomberg® to monitor market price information.

Bloomberg Desktop, Bloomberg Server, or Bloomberg B-PIPE Services

Connect to Bloomberg

  1. Connect to Bloomberg using blp, blpsrv, or bpipe.

  2. Ensure a successful Bloomberg connection by using isconnection. Request properties of the connection objects using get.

Request Current, Historical, Intraday Tick, Portfolio, or Real-Time Data

  1. Look up information about securities, curves, or government securities using lookup. Request Bloomberg field information using category, fieldinfo, or fieldsearch.

  2. Request current data for a security using getdata. Request bulk data with header information using getbulkdata.

  3. Request equity screening data using eqs.

  4. Request historical data for a security using history.

  5. Request historical technical analysis using tahistory.

  6. Request intraday tick data for a security using timeseries.

  7. Request current portfolio data using portfolio.

  8. Request real-time data for a security using realtime. Stop real-time data updates using stop.

Close Bloomberg Connection

Close the Bloomberg connection by using close.

Bloomberg Data License Service

To connect and retrieve data using Bloomberg Data License:

  1. Connect to Bloomberg Data License using bdl.

  2. Request the current Bloomberg Data License folder listing using dir.

  3. Close the Bloomberg connection by using close.

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