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Class: coder.codedescriptor.CodeDescriptor
Namespace: coder.codedescriptor

Return prototype of generated service function interface

Since R2022b


serviceFunctionPrototype = getServiceFunctionPrototype(codeDescObj,serviceFunctionName)


serviceFunctionPrototype = getServiceFunctionPrototype(codeDescObj,serviceFunctionName) returns the prototype of the service function serviceFunctionName for the code descriptor codeDescObj. The returned coder.descriptor.types.Prototype object contains properties such as the name of the service function, information about arguments, and header and source file.

Input Arguments

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Code descriptor for which you want to retrieve the information about generated code, specified as a coder.codedescriptor.CodeDescriptor object.

Service function name, specified as character vector or string scalar.

Output Arguments

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Service function prototype for the service function, returned as a coder.descriptor.types.Prototype object. This object is empty if the serviceFunctionName input argument is invalid or does not exist in the generated code.

Version History

Introduced in R2022b