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Create Stereotypes from Built-In Profiles

If you have Requirements Toolbox™, you can create stereotypes that define custom requirements and links for safety artifacts. You define the profile in the Profile Editor from an existing requirement set. For more information, see Customize Requirements and Links by Using Stereotypes (Requirements Toolbox).

You can specify automotive safety requirements by using the mwAutomotive built-in profile template. To create a new profile from this template, select a requirement set. In the Requirements Editor, in the Profile section, click Load > mwAutomotive.

A cursor points to the built-in profile, mwAutomotive, which appears from the expanded Load list.

Click Profile Editor. The profile includes a stereotype that has the properties shown below.

In the Profile Editor, the image shows the properties of the stereotype in the built-in profile.

Modify the properties of this stereotype to meet your design specifications.

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