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Interface-Based Communication

Communicate with instruments using interfaces

With interface-based communication, the basic workflow comprises common steps regardless of interface type. First, you create an object of the interface type you are using to connect to the instrument. Then, you can set connection and communication properties based on your workflow and instrument configuration. Next, write data to and read data from the instrument. Finally, when you are done working with your instrument, disconnect from it by clearing the object from the workspace.


aardvarkTotal Phase Aardvark Adapter connection (Since R2023a)
ni845xNI USB-845x connection (Since R2023a)
deviceI2C peripheral device connection (Since R2023a)
spiCreate SPI object
tcpclientCreate TCP/IP client connection with TCP/IP server
tcpserverCreate TCP/IP server (Since R2021a)
udpportConnect to UDP socket (Since R2020b)
serialportConnection to serial port (Since R2019b)
visadevCreate connection to device using VISA (Since R2021a)


TCP/IP ExplorerConnect to and communicate with TCP/IP server (Since R2021b)
UDP ExplorerCreate UDP socket and communicate over networks using UDP (Since R2022a)
Serial ExplorerCommunicate with devices connected to serial port (Since R2021b)
VISA ExplorerConnect to and communicate with instruments over VISA (Since R2022b)